Founder and CEO. National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer, and a Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology. Savannah employs realistic approaches to fitness and exercise that easily fit into your lifestyle, amplifying your life-long success.


Savannah is very knowledgeable, works to meet individual needs and provides a healthy and supportive work out environment. I would recommend Savannah for those new to working out, recovering from an injury or experienced athletes. She brings a fun, positive, and challenging workout in both private and group work out sessions.

Jen B.

I'm getting more confident, not only with the exercises, but in my day-to-day because of you. One of the best decisions I ever made.

Shawn W.

Savannah is professional, uplifting, and inspiring. She holds me accountable while being realistic. Her style of training is my favorite, lifting with cardio and abs at the end to burn fat. I love the app she uses to track progress with photos, weights, and measurements. I would recommend anyone to her that needs a little more help and accountability with being the best version of yourself!

Haley D.

Savannah is amazing! I have been working with her for nearly a year and I have met goals and found consistency in training, which is something I’ve never found before. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and great at customizing your workouts to your needs. Also, I simply love her personality. I always feel supported, encouraged, and empowered which has helped me discover strength I didn’t know I had.

Susan S.


I founded my business with the hope to break away from the normal "gym" model, and hone in on personalized coaching that focuses solely on three things: the client, the process, and getting results.